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How to choose a good dynamic four wheel aligner
- 2018-11-07-

At present, the domestic four-wheel aligner market has a wide variety of products, the price is not the same, the quality is different, the user can not buy cheaply when buying, must look for technical research and development strength, have strong after-sales service ability, honest and reliable manufacturers, the following 5 A key factor can help you choose a good dynamic four wheel aligner :

Purchase method

1, technical support

The four-wheel aligner is a high-tech product. The manufacturer has no research and development strength. Without innovation ability, there is no way to make a good four-wheel aligner. It can only copy other people's products and functions, and put together pieces that have been eliminated from abroad for assembly. When purchasing a four-wheel aligner, you must pay attention to the strength and research and development capabilities of the manufacturer.

2, performance guarantee

Whether the product function is comprehensive and powerful, and the number of models that can be detected is directly related to the actual income of the repair shop, so it is also an important indicator to judge the quality of the four-wheel aligner.

3, upgrade protection

Whether the car is accurate or not, the accuracy of the original data is very important. If the original data is not accurate, then the car can only be adjusted more and more badly, and even become a hidden danger. Like the decoder, the new car is getting more and more More, data upgrades are becoming more and more important.

4, service guarantee

At present, most of the manufacturers of four-wheel aligners do not have independent research and development capabilities, mainly through imitation, pirated software and other means of sales. Once customers are tempted to buy by low prices or false propaganda, they will bring a lot of troubles to customers: the quality of products has hidden dangers. Can not be completely solved, the maintenance cost after the warranty period is high, there is no upgrade and repair service and so on.

5, brand protection

The brand benefit of a commodity is the word of mouth of the customer. In order to avoid buying equipment with backward technology, poor performance and low price, choosing a good brand is also a very important guarantee.