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Working principle of electric chassis dynamometer
- 2018-09-18-

The car has kinetic energy and driving resistance during the running. The so-called simulation of the driving condition of the car on various roads is to simulate the car's moving inertia, ie kinetic energy, through the inertia simulation device of the electric chassis dynamometer, and simulate by the power absorbing device. Driving resistance, using an adhesive roller to simulate the road surface of the car.

All preparations must be done before testing, including the site, power supply, etc. When the equipment is in normal operation, the lifter is in the lifted state, the vehicle under test is driven onto the dynamometer gantry, the drive shaft is stopped on the lifter, and the wheel is parked in the center of the drum. Lower the lifter so that the wheel falls on the drum, the vehicle runs slowly, check the vehicle for deviation. If there is deviation, raise the lifting beam and adjust the position of the vehicle until there is no deviation. When the vehicle under test is traveling on the drum, the surface linear velocity of the drum is equal to the traveling speed of the vehicle, and the flywheel group of the inertia simulation device is rotated to generate a moment of inertia, and the speed of the drum is detected and converted by a speed sensor mounted on the rolling shaft. Into the speed of the car. The main roller group is connected to the eddy current power absorber, and the excitation current is applied to the eddy current machine to generate a resistance equal to the driving force of the vehicle and the opposite direction, and the resistance is balanced by the force sensor mounted on the vortex machine arm, and the force is balanced by the force The sensor is converted into an electrical signal output to a computer for processing and control.

The above is the working principle of the electric chassis dynamometer . Now that you understand it, if you have any questions, please call our company for consultation.

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