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Vehicle off-line comprehensive diagnostic equipment
- 2018-09-18-

With the current social and economic development and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the number and types of automobile production are also increasing day by day. People have higher requirements on the performance and quality of automobiles. Therefore, strict and complete inspection is carried out before the car leaves the factory. It is a work that must be carried out to ensure the quality of the product, so it is necessary to use the comprehensive diagnostic equipment for the whole vehicle .

The comprehensive diagnostic equipment for the whole vehicle is dedicated to realize the ECU and VCU assembly detection of traditional and new energy vehicles; ECU and VCU data writing; BCM, EPS, SRS, ABS and other electronic control systems, function configuration and fault code reading And clearing, etc., the vehicle's off-line comprehensive diagnostic equipment detection function is placed in the assembly line of the vehicle's off-line station, which is used for all the workshop production and subsequent electronic control system diagnosis of new models. The equipment will be connected to the vehicle OBD connector, and will be diagnosed and communicated with the ECU and VCU equipped with the vehicle, and the project for offline learning and detection required by all vehicles will be realized according to the vehicle configuration and inspection requirements. And fully equipped with the expansion capabilities of various vehicle testing projects.