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What is the assembly line
- 2018-09-18-

What is the assembly inspection line , let's take a look at it:

The assembly inspection line is actually similar, the assembly shop is generally in the interior line, and the chassis line will be equipped with manual inspection posts. One person is responsible for the assembly content detection of this assembly line;

However, the traditional assembly inspection line refers to the final inspection line, also called the OK line. It is a comprehensive inspection after the assembly of the vehicle is completed. It includes the following tests:

1. Appearance quality inspection, as the main. Including the car paint surface, the torque mark of the bolt, whether the part assembly is in place, and the interior is clean;

2. Configuration check, such as different configurations of the same model, differences in parts;

3. Complete vehicle fault code diagnosis to check if there is an electrical fault;

4. The vehicle's texture and functional detection, such as whether the door is shaken, whether the glove box can be opened normally, whether the brake zipper is effective, the light, the front wheel toe, and the inclination adjustment detection;

5. Rain test;

6. Road test (unstable check on bumpy road section, S-bend, deviation check, mainly verify the chassis of the whole vehicle, whether there is any problem with power)