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How does the dynamic four wheel aligner avoid communication interference?
- 2018-09-18-

Dynamic four-wheel aligner is an electronic measuring instrument that integrates optics, electronics, machinery, computer and communication. It should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance during normal use . The bluetooth communication of dynamic four-wheel aligner uses shielding technology. Under normal circumstances It will not be disturbed by other magnetic fields. If you find that the locator's signal is always dropped, or continuous beating, it may be related to the following conditions:

1) There is a strong magnetic field near the locator. Bluetooth communication is a mesh-shaped ring communication protocol architecture. If there are two high-voltage cables in parallel, a magnetic ring will form a magnetic ring, which will affect the signal transmission. In addition, the high-frequency transformer And the electromagnetic field auxiliary injection of the power plant will also have a certain impact.

2) The Bluetooth cable is not in good contact; if you cannot determine the cause of the interference, please contact the manufacturer in time.

The above is how we can avoid the interference of the dynamic four-wheel aligner communication interference. We must adjust the relevant facilities when using it, so that we can use it better.

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