Non-contact four wheel aligner

The most important performance of the non-contact four-wheel aligner is the accuracy of the measurement. The four-wheel aligner consists of four measuring units, which include high-quality industrial cameras, secure infrared lasers and advanced coordinate systems.

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ABS brake table

It adopts integral curved plate frame, beautiful appearance and no anchor bolts. The main and auxiliary drums adopt patented sand-bonding technology, and the service life can reach 200,000 times. The weather will not affect the vehicle inspection.

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Electric chassis dynamometer

The dynamometer is suitable for front, rear and four-wheel drive vehicles. It can be operated in the following ways: road simulation, fixed speed control, fixed torque control, fixed acceleration control, etc.

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Vehicle electrical inspection

The design principle of the integrated dynamometer test bench system is that it can meet the maximum torque of 200N.m and the maximum speed of 7500rpm motor test. The system configuration meets the test requirements of new energy vehicle motor.

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It is capable of revitalizing China's motor vehicle testing business, adopting foreign advanced testing technology and key components, fully transforming the patented technology of disciplined personnel, research and development, production assembly inspection line, pass-through four-wheel aligner, electric chassis dynamometer 3D laser four-wheel aligner, dynamic four-wheel aligner, vehicle comprehensive diagnostic equipment, vehicle electric inspection, tire pressure equipment, safety inspection, ADAS advanced auxiliary driving calibration equipment, non-contact four-wheel aligner, Comprehensive drum test, high-speed ABS brake test bench, ABS brake table, etc...

Mastering the core technology, the company has the ability to independently build various types of test lines.

The company was approved as a software company by the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission in 2011.

The number of employees is more than 120, of which more than 80% are college graduates, 2 are doctors, and 10 are masters.

Mr. Liang Shaomin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is an expert of China Automobile Warranty Equipment Industry Association

The company has independently developed a variety of high-tech car detection technology

Reliable product quality, high quality and low price

Pass-through four wheel aligner

Independent research and development, complete documents, and excellent excellence

The company's independent research and development production: comprehensive, safety performance testing line; design and programming of software program for exhaust emission detection line; ABS comprehensive inspection station; innovative research and development of adaptive wheelbase automatic four-wheel positioning inspection station. The software program for the exhaust emission detection line has obtained the software copyright and software product registration certificate. (Certificate No.: Security, Comprehensive Software Registration Lu DGY-2010-0310, Environmental Protection Software Registration Lu DGY-2012-0043; Security, Comprehensive Software Works: Soft Deng No. 108180, Environmental Protection Software Works: Soft Deng Character No. 0223035 number)