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The four main points of 3D laser four wheel aligner maintenance
- 2018-09-18-

First, the equipment's electricity safety

Due to the large number of high-power equipment in the car repair workshop, it is better to protect the normal operation of our customers. It is recommended that users who use 3D laser four-wheel aligner equipment should be equipped with a small voltage regulator to achieve voltage stability, reduce and ensure the loss of electronic components of the device; if there is a frequent power outage problem, in order to consider the safety of data Sex, it is recommended to configure a UPS power supply for the computer.

Second, the main components of the equipment dust, waterproof treatment

Because the 3D laser four-wheel aligner device is composed of precision components, waterproof and moisture-proof is especially important. As the seasonal rain increases, especially in the southern area, please prepare for waterproof and moisture-proof; in addition, keep the equipment away from the car wash station. At the same time, the accumulation of dust inside the computer may also cause the computer to react slowly, unable to boot, blue screen and other faults. Therefore, the dustproof treatment of the above components must be done in the garage of the auto repair shop, auto parts city and street pavement. 3D laser four wheel aligner equipment Close the chassis door in time after use.

Third, 3D target disk and rack maintenance precautions

After use, the target disk should be hung back to the chassis in time and wiped with a soft dry cloth to avoid surface scratches. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, well-ventilated place. If the hanger head is severely worn, it must be replaced to avoid scratching the rim; regularly grease the hanger screw and slide bar to ensure flexibility. The pylon should be handled gently. When not in use, it should be properly protected on the pylon bracket to avoid damage and affect the measurement accuracy and equipment life. Special attention: For the relative displacement of the target disc and the hanger, please tighten the target disc and the nut of the clamp in time to avoid measurement error.

Fourth, the overall requirements of the equipment working environment

Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the environment: the ideal working temperature of the computer is 5 °C-35 °C, the ambient humidity is too low or too high, it is easy to cause normal startup and frequent crashes. The ideal working humidity is 30%-80%. If the humidity is too high, it will easily cause a short circuit. If it is too low, it will easily generate static electricity, and it will be well ventilated and cooled.