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Dynamic four wheel aligners have formed a trend
- 2018-11-15-

With the intensification of competition in the positioning market, the dynamic four-wheel aligner of the automobile has gradually become diversified, and “choice” has become a compulsory course for the auto repair factory. The concept of endless development, the performance of a lot of tricks, who is the norm? The brand is full of flowers, the price is up and down, between "firm" and "advanced", is there a win-win choice?

As a measuring device, its basic use is to assist the technician to adjust the car to ensure safe driving. However, the accuracy of the existing old four-wheel aligners on the market is difficult to guarantee, let alone follow the car market. Speed ​​update model data. In the face of many new car models, one can not advance the old equipment, is making the auto repair factory lose customers.

The premise of competing markets is to understand the market. In just over a decade, the domestic four-wheel aligner market has quickly surpassed the foreign level. More and more four-wheel aligner companies have started from the old four-wheel aligners with CCD and PSD technology to the new generation of car dynamics. Wheel locator transformation. However, according to the HC Auto Maintenance Network survey, although the dynamic four-wheel positioning market has broad prospects, there are still people in the industry who are suspicious of the market prospects, thinking that the dynamic four-wheel positioning has encountered bottlenecks in the implementation process, now four rounds The positioning industry still pays more attention to the concept of hype, but the quality of production is mixed.

Automotive dynamic four-wheel aligner four-wheel positioning market "fouling"

According to a survey, the domestic four-wheel aligner, which has been used for more than three years, has been in a semi-squatting state. The new car has no data and the measurement parameters are incomplete. The four-wheel aligner manufacturers are promoted and the service is stagnant. After the warranty period, the expensive accessories are available. The maintenance fee makes the auto repair factory profitable, and it is a pity that it is a "chicken rib". At the same time, with the update of automotive application technology from time to time, a large number of old-fashioned four-wheel aligners with laser and PSD as the center technology have gradually been eliminated by the market. When the precise and stable automobile dynamic four-wheel aligner gradually becomes the mainstream, it has become an inevitable Potential.