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Safety inspection project
- 2018-09-18-

How to obtain a product that is complete in quality and harmless to users has become a factor that consumers are increasingly valued. In order to protect consumers' rights and interests, the safety certification of products is bound to become more and more extensive and more and more important. If you want to know if you are good or bad, you need to carry out safety inspection .

The following is a description of common safety testing items.

Input test

2. Stability test of safety signs

3. Capacitance discharge test

4. Circuit stability test

5. Grounding continuous test

6. Moisture test

7. Torque test

8. Stability test

9. Shell stress test

10. Safety test drop test

11. Stress release test

12. Battery charge and discharge test

13. Equipment temperature rise test (temperature of internal and external surfaces under normal working conditions)

14. Ball pressure test

15. Contact current test

16. Withstand voltage test

17. Abnormal testing

18. Safety design