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What is the function of the high-speed ABS brake test rig?
- 2018-09-18-

Automotive high speed ABS brake test bench

1. In the automotive ABS anti-lock braking system fault setting, fault diagnosis, detection, elimination and actual measurement and other practical teaching and assessment use, intelligent fault setting control function, can be connected to the computer to set up faults, and can be set up.

2. Configure the new Santana ABS anti-lock brake complete set, which is a common model, reflecting the domestic new type, representative

3. Can set a single electronic control fault

4. Test panel with complete circuit diagram and bidirectional test port, without pulling electrical plug or puncture wire, can carry out all application techniques including resistance, voltage, frequency, pulse width, duty cycle, oscillometric and continuity test Sexual teaching and practical training.

5. It can read dynamic data flow, fault code and other parameters, monitor operational data changes, and carry out performance, functional testing and design research of sensors, actuators and electronic control systems.

6. In order to reduce costs and reduce noise, it is required to use the variable frequency motor drive system to work.

7. High-speed ABS brake test bench is equipped with sufficient safety protection devices (leakage protectors, protective covers, etc.)

8. When the high-speed ABS brake test bench system works, the wheel brakes keep micro-rotation; when the ABS system is working, the pressure gauge hands of each wheel must constantly swing to perform

When the ABS works, the system keeps pressing and releasing