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ADAS advanced auxiliary driving calibration equipment calibration purpose
- 2018-09-18-

The ADAS Advanced Auxiliary Driving Calibration Equipment provides real and effective data for the EPS system, ensuring that the sensor truly reflects the physical characteristics of the car's steering wheel.

ADAS Advanced Assisted Steering Equipment Electric Power Steering (EPS) is a power steering system that relies directly on the motor to provide auxiliary torque. Compared with the traditional hydraulic power steering system HPS (Hydraulic Power Steering), the EPS system There are many advantages. The EPS is mainly composed of a torque sensor, an electric motor, a speed reduction mechanism, and an electronic control unit (ECU).

The ADAS advanced assisted driving calibration equipment can be divided into three types: steering shaft assist type, gear assist type and rack assist type depending on the position of the assisted motor. The motor of the steering shaft assist type EPS is fixed on one side of the steering shaft, and is connected to the steering shaft through a speed reduction mechanism to directly drive the steering shaft to assist steering. The gear-assisted EPS motor and speed reduction mechanism are connected to the pinion gear to directly drive the gear assist steering. The rack-assisted EPS motor and speed reduction mechanism directly drive the rack to provide assistance.