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Main configuration of ABS brake table
- 2018-09-18-

Main configuration of ABS brake table

ABS brake table technical parameters:

Allow maximum axle load 3T

motor 2(4)*4KW

Maximum braking force 6KN

Brake test accuracy ±3%

Brake test speed 2-5km/h (frequency control)

ABS test speed 2-7km/h (frequency control)

Adhesion coefficient dry state 0.9, wet state 0.7

ABS test protocol or other user-requested agreement

ABS brake table braking force test

Braking force test for each wheel

Left and right wheel brake difference test for each axis

Blocking force detection for each wheel

Parking brake test

Pedal force and pull force test

Vehicle wheel weight and axle load test

ABS brake station ABS system test

ABS communication initialization

ECU ID read, clear error message

I/O testing, such as brake pedal signal testing, warning light testing, etc.

Scanning ECU errors during the test

ABS sensor test

Including line cross test, sensor function test, wheel speed sensor gap test, signal quality test.

ABS pump and valve testing

Check that the ABS system valve and pump are working properly by establishing and releasing the braking force

The parts not mentioned above, the equipment meets the national standard (product measurement standard) GB7258-2012 "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation" GB21861-2014 "Motorcycle Safety Technical Inspection Project and Method" GB/T13564-2005 "Roller reaction system" Dynamic test bench" JJG906-2009 "Rolling reaction brake test bench verification procedures" in the brake test bench related requirements.