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Comprehensive drum test bench product introduction
- 2018-09-18-

The integrated drum test bench is a dynamic driving test, gear position detection, acceleration performance, body stability, and real work for front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles when the vehicle with a shaft weight of less than 2000 kg is off the assembly line. Slip ratio, ABS/ESC test and other functions.   

The integrated drum test bench consists of the overall steel structure of the equipment, the calibration device, the drum system (fixed roller set, moving roller set), the drum set spacing (wheelbase) adjustment system, the side guide device, the motor drive control system, and the exhaust gas extraction device. , signal acquisition, data processing, vehicle test communication device, PLC control system and display part.   

The front portion of the front roller group and the rear portion of the rear roller group are equipped with safety roller protection devices that prevent the vehicle from rushing out of the test bed during testing. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of the vehicle into and out of the test rig, a pneumatic lift is installed in the middle of each pair of rollers.   

The roller unit moving device is a servo motor, and the wheelbase movement range is 2800mm~3800mm (the moving range can be adjusted according to user needs). It is suitable for models with front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four-wheel drive and other models with a wheelbase of 1450~1900 mm. The wheels can be controlled and operated independently, and can also be synchronized in parallel.   

The integrated drum test bench uses the electric inertia simulation to simulate the kinetic energy of the vehicle on the road and can withstand the load of the vehicle during maximum acceleration and deceleration.