60kw new energy vehicle motor tow test bench

60kw new energy vehicle motor tow test bench

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The design principle of the integrated dynamometer test bed system (hereinafter referred to as the system) is that the motor test with a maximum torque of 200 N.m and a maximum speed of 7500 rpm is provided, and the system configuration meets the test requirements of the new energy vehicle motor.

The system design test station is one, and only one motor test is performed at the same time;

The system adopts the advanced four-quadrant ASD deep-weak magnetic permanent magnet synchronous motor driver as the load controller. The load energy recovery adopts the mode of AC bus feedback, and the load motor is controlled by the ASD inverter device to complete the loading and load adjustment. ADAS advanced auxiliary driving calibration equipment The entire test system includes ASD control system and computer-controlled measurement system, PLC control system, etc. The system has advanced technology, high reliability, high accuracy and good repeatability. It belongs to energy-saving test system and has excellent performance. Value for money.

The system basically realizes the automatic test, which can greatly reduce the complicated operation of the test personnel in the test process.

experimental project

a) temperature rise test;

b) torque speed characteristic test;

c) test of the overall efficiency characteristics of the motor and its motor controller;

d) test of regenerative energy feedback characteristics of the motor and its motor controller;

e) motor maximum speed test;

f) motor and its motor controller overload capability test;

g) rated power test;

h) blocking experiment;

i) Matching calibration test of the motor and its motor controller.

j) Motor durability