72" medium and heavy duty AC power chassis dynamometer

Product Details



Medium and heavy duty electric chassis dynamometers are used to test commercial vehicles with a total mass between 3.5 and 30 tons, rear-wheel drive single or double drive shafts.  The system can operate in the following control modes: road simulation, speed control, traction control and acceleration control.

Technical parameter

Max axle load weight                         10t                           13t

Max absorbed power                       250kw                    300kw

Max brake torque                           1600N.m                2000 N.m

Max tangential driving force        8600daN                 10700daN

Max test speed                                120km/h                   120km/h

Diameter×length                      ф373*1000mm          ф373*1100mm

Roller centre distance                      518mm                      518mm

Inner width×outside width      700*2700mm             700*2900mm

Outside size                           3820*1150*540mm     4020*1150*540mm

Net weight                                          1700kg                      1800Kg