Battery pack three comprehensive test chamber

Battery pack three comprehensive test chamber

Product Details


Main Specifications

1, temperature range: -40 ° C ~ 150 ° C

2, temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 2 ° C

3, temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ° C

4, temperature deviation: ≤ ± 2 ° C

5, the temperature rise and fall rate: an average of 1.0-3.0 ° C / min

6, humidity range: 10% -90% RH

7, the temperature inside the box size: depth 3000mmX width 3000mmX height 1500mm

8, humidity range: 10% ~ 90% RH

9. Humidity deviation: ≤+2/-3% RH (humidity>75% RH)≤±5% RH (humidity ≤75% RH)

10, time setting range: 0 ~ 9999 hours

11, sine wave excitation force: 60kN (6000kg) rated random excitation force: 60kN (6000kg)

12, frequency range: 2-2700HZ

13, the maximum acceleration: 100G, to meet the customer 400KG sample test

14, the maximum speed: 2m / s

15, the maximum shift: 51mmp-p

16. Equivalent mass of moving parts: 150kg

17, the maximum load: 400kg

18, extended table size: 1500mm × 1500mm water smoothing table size: 1500mm × 1500mm

19. Vibration direction: vertical up and down, front and rear horizontal

20, power requirements: AC380 (± 10%) V / 50HZ three-phase five-wire system

21, test hole: two (one φ100mm hole on each side of the box)

Environmental system characteristics

1. The refrigerator is made by France Taikang or Germany Bitzer.

2. The refrigeration system is designed with a unit or binary low temperature loop system.

3, the United States "Ai Gao" drying filter, Taiwan "Kuan Ya" oil separator, Italy "Casto" solenoid valve

4. The temperature and humidity three comprehensive testing machine adopts a multi-wing type blower to provide a strong air circulation, avoiding any dead angle and making the temperature and humidity distribution in the test area even.

5. The wind path is designed to return to the wind and return to the wind. The wind pressure and wind speed are in line with the test standard, and the temperature and humidity can be stabilized quickly when the door is opened.

6. The temperature rise, temperature drop, and humidification system are completely independent to improve efficiency, reduce test cost, increase life expectancy, and reduce failure rate. Three temperature and humidity three comprehensive testing machine

Control System

1. Intelligent two-way high-precision digital display PID vehicle electric inspection microcomputer control instrument (can directly display the percentage value of humidity, no temperature and humidity conversion comparison)

2, film type KEYBOARD

3, with power-off memory function, can continue the remaining test process during power-up

4, temperature control using P, I, D + S, S, R system channel coordinated control, can improve the stability and life of control components and interface use

5, touch-type settings, digital and direct display

6, with P, I, D automatic calculus function, can reduce the inconvenience caused by artificial settings

7. In the operation or setting, if an error occurs, a warning sign will be provided.

8, power failure record keeping device

9, France "Schneider" components


Control method: touch type

Display: CLCD color LCD display

System capacity: 120 groups of programs X1000, the number of segments required for each group of programs can be arbitrarily divided, each group of programs can be freely linked to each other.

Cycle setting: Each group of running programs can be executed, 9999 times or innumerable cycles of repeated execution, and the number of 5 blocks can be divided to perform additional partial cycles. Operation mode: setting / program / link, etc. The operating mode can be implemented in accordance with various temperature test conditions.

Control mode: Intelligent microcomputer PID+SSR/SCR automatic forward and reverse two-way synchronous output. Data setting: Built-in program directory management, facilitate the establishment, change, review or operation of various test names and program data. Curve drawing: Data After the setting is completed, the setting curve of the relevant data can be obtained immediately. The drawing of the actual running curve can also be known during the operation. Timing control: 2 sets of timing output control interface, with 10 kinds of time control modes, which can be used by external logic drive components. Perform start/stop timing planning.

Appointment start: All test conditions can be set to the function of scheduled start-up operation. Operation lock: The function condition of start-stop can be locked to prevent other people from accidentally touching and affecting the experimental result. Power-off reset: Power-off memory device and power-on time machine Restart mode 1.BREAK (interrupt) 2.COLD (cold start) 3.HOT heat engine start).

Safety detection: Built-in 15 full-featured system detection and sensing devices to ensure the safe operation of the machine. When the abnormal fault is detected, the control power of the machine is immediately cut off, and the time of failure is automatically displayed. Countermeasure. Abnormal tracking: Historical data showing abnormal faults. External protection: Electronic over-temperature protection device independent of the controller.

Communication interface: RS-232 standard communication interface device, can be connected to a personal computer (PC) at the same time multi-machine control and management.

Display switching: Chinese/English display subtitles, free to switch.