Four columns

Four columns

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Can be customized according to customer requirements

1. Comprehensive, a system can realize the functions that need to be completed by multiple sets of instruments in the past, so as to avoid users repeatedly adding equipment;

2. All test items share sensors to prevent users from repeatedly adding sensors;

3, multi-channel sensor can work at the same time, 3D laser four-wheel aligner system automatically collects in real time;

4. Under the premise of ensuring the test frequency response, try to replace the hardware function with software, so that the hardware circuit is simple and reliable, easy to maintain, and reduce the procurement cost of user equipment;

5, the data collector sampling frequency can be as high as 256Hz, fully meet the test requirements of high real-time requirements such as braking and ride comfort;

6, can be equipped with a variety of different types of sensors, especially GPS speed sensors, easy to operate;

7. Synchronous real-time test of vehicle speed and wheel speed to achieve quantitative test of wheel slip ratio (anti-lock system (ABS) performance test);

8, the system software is based on the windows platform, graphic interface, easy to use;

9, powerful data processing functions, automatically generate a variety of national standard forms (word or excel format) and curves (bmp format), greatly reducing the user's work intensity.

10. Users can choose to purchase each test sub-system (such as power, economy, ride comfort, steering stability, anti-lock system (ABS) performance test, etc.) and select various brands and precision sensors.