Three-conductor motor test bench

Three-conductor motor test bench

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Equipment use

The three-conductor motor test bench (hereinafter referred to as: electric dynamometer) is used for the performance test of the drive assembly and motor controller, the drive durability test, and the three-electric system joint test.

experimental project

1) The maximum working speed test of the powertrain;

2) Powertrain overspeed experimental test;

3) Powertrain short-time boost voltage test

4) Powertrain overload capability test;

5) Test test of powertrain protection system;

6) Powertrain stall torque and stall current test;

7) Powertrain regenerative energy feedback characteristics test;

8) Powertrain torque characteristic test (including rated and peak)

9) Powertrain efficiency test;

10) Powertrain voltage fluctuation test;

11) Powertrain torque ripple test

12) Torque response test

13) Current response test

14) Powertrain calibration test

15) Cycle test

16) Custom road conditions simulation test

17) Durability load spectrum test

18) User-defined durability test

19) Single operating condition three-conductor test

20) Comprehensive working condition three-electricity adjustment vehicle electric test

21) Three-coupling test for cyclic conditions

22) User-defined three-conductor test.

Main technical parameters of the inverter

1) Power supply capacity ≥300kVA

2) Power supply three-phase five-wire system AC380V ± 10%

3) Rectifier power: 200kW

4) Number of rectifiers:

5) Inverter power: 250kW

6) Number of inverters:

7) Inverter brand: Siemens

Battery simulator main technical indicators

1) Rated power: 360kW

2) Rated current: 600A

3) Voltage regulation range: 10V-720V

4) Motor brand: Siemens

Dynamometer real-time control host main technical indicators

1) CPU: i7, 4 core

2) Memory: 8G

3) Hard disk: 500G

4) IO resources: 16 channels AI, 4 channels AO, 16 channels DI, 16 channels DO, 8 channels PWM input, 8 channels PWM output

5) Communication interface: real-time Ethernet 1 way, CAN bus 2 way, serial port 4 way

6) Brand: Siemens