Environmental simulation warehouse

Environmental simulation warehouse

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This test chamber is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature cycle test of products (machines), parts and materials, as well as constant damp heat and alternating damp heat test.

This test chamber can be used for the test of heat-dissipation test samples and non-heat-dissipation test samples. For the test of the heat-dissipation test sample, the heat dissipation power cannot exceed the cooling capacity of the test box, because the cooling capacity is a dynamic value, which varies with the temperature point.

Air conditioning system

Control method: air forced circulation balance temperature adjustment

Air circulation device: centrifugal fan, long shaft external motor drive. The circulating air volume of the fan is greater than 90000M3/H; the motor is a variable frequency motor, and the circulating air volume of the inverter is adjustable.

Heating method: Nichrome heating wire heating, PID adjustment, actuator: solid state relay.

Air cooling method: finned evaporator

Cooling System

Working mode: 2 cascade steam compression refrigeration unit (number of compressors: 4)

Condensation mode: water cooling (condensing barrel)

Refrigeration compressor: international brand BITZER 6GE-34Y semi-hermetic compressor

Refrigerator control: According to the test conditions, the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions and cooling capacity of the chiller to ensure that the compressor works in a proper state and prolongs the service life of the compressor.

Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant: R404a (high temperature grade) and R23 (low temperature grade)

Vibration reduction and noise reduction: vibration reduction and noise reduction measures for refrigerator systems

Humidification and dehumidification system

Humidification system: stainless steel armored humidifier; water shut-off protector; water level automatic controller; automatic water supply system. The humidification capacity is up to 100kg/h water.

Dehumidification system: dehumidification by condensation

Control System

Controller: PLC module + 7 inch color LCD touch control screen

User program capacity: 90 programs, each program has a maximum of 99 segments, each time can be set up to 999 hours, and the time setting mode is hour/minute/second; the program can be linked, the program can be set to external loop, program segmentation can be Set internal circulation assembly test line

Resolution: temperature 0.1 ° C, humidity 0.1% RH, time 1 second

Sensor: armored platinum resistance (temperature), humidity sensor.

Man-machine interface: Chinese, color LCD display, touch mode input setting

Operation mode: fixed value operation, program operation

Test data display: set temperature and humidity, measured temperature and humidity, total running time, segment running time, heating state

Refrigerator operating conditions: According to the test conditions, the controller can automatically configure the working condition of the refrigerator or start/stop.