GYZJ series car corner test bench

GYZJ series car corner test bench

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product description:

1. The car corner test bench is a special equipment for detecting and adjusting the steering angle of the front wheel of the car. The vehicle off-line comprehensive diagnostic equipment is used to test the maximum steering angle and related value of the steering wheel of the vehicle (ie, the angle at which the other wheel rotates correspondingly when one steering wheel is turned to the maximum position). When measuring the steering angle of the front wheel, the wheelbase can be manually adjusted according to the front wheel adjustment of the model. The left and right tires of the front wheel adopt a mechanism for starting clamping. A vehicle alignment system ensures the alignment of the front and rear wheels.

2. The test bench consists of a steering angle detector, a squarer, an LED display and a control system.

3. The test bench is suitable for small cars with axle load mass not greater than 3t and steering wheel track between 900 and 1400mm. The equipment has no damage to the tires, and the body alignment mechanism can make the body of each model square. (The track can be designed according to the user's model)

4. The LED display contains the following items: interface for test preparation; steering angle test interface; display model; pass/fail judgment; real-time left/right corner; inner/outer maximum corner of each round. The display provides the industrial computer CRT display instrument according to the user's request, the display accuracy is within ±0.5°, the steering force is ±200N, the resolution is 1N, the angle of rotation is ±60° and the resolution is 0.1°.

Technical Parameters

Maximum allowable axle weight 3000 kg

Track adjustment range 900~1,400 mm

Track adjustment method chain equalizer

Rotating table specifications The upper plane matches the tire specifications

Outer diameter φ400mm

Center degree of freedom ±50mm

Locking method Two-way cylinder (front and rear)

Cylinder inner diameter × stroke φ100×110mm

Locking angle range ±5°

Detection range ±45°

Measurement accuracy ±0.5°

Alignment device Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the vehicle