GYZZ car axle weight test bench

GYZZ car axle weight test bench

Product Details



Main feature                                 

1. The bench is designed general frame welded type,high strength,firm and the contour elegant appearance.

2. Use civil well-known brand name((zhong hang electronic logging),high-precision,long term usage and good stability,wear well,output data accurate and reliable.

3. Inside install a new type junction box,make the connection simple and convenient,omni seal process,water proof, damp proof, high reliability.

4. Having a spare demarcate reaction frame,can be selected by customers.

5. Adopted wider plate lengthen bench,has wide use range.

6. Be not used stone bolt, debugging and leveled  is very easy

Technical parameter

Item                                                  GYZZ-3                    GYZZ-10                  GYZZ-13                   GYZZ-16

Rated load weight                          3000kg                     10000kg                 13000kg                   6000kg

Bench length×width                  900*500mm            1100*800mm        1100*800mm       1200*1000mm

Inner width×Outer width        700*2500mm           700*2900mm        700*2900mm        700*3100mm

Net weight                                         800kg                        1100kg                   1350kg                    1400kg

Outside size                          2800*616*180mm   3200*916*180mm  3200*916*180mm   3400*1116*180mm

Foundation size                    2900*700*200mm  3300*1000*200mm 3300*1000*200mm  3500*1200*200mm