GYZD series car brake test bench

GYZD series car brake test bench

Product Details



1. The bench is designed general frame welded type, high strength, firm and the contour elegant appearance.

2. Used proprietary technology speed reduce(patent number ZL 01 2 32212.1),equip small volume large power motor, overload resistance high, torque output is big, efficient, low noise, install the both sides of bench, make the install much convenient.

3. Used new type third roller,has a speed signal feedback assembly,controllable motor to start,effective avoided wear of roller to the wheel.

4. Roller surface used new type special technic sand burning,high attachment coefficient,dry state0.9,hygrometric state0.85,keep steady state a long time,useful time more than 20 million

5. Use civil well-known brand name(zhong hang electronic logging) pressure sensors, high-precision,long term usage and good stability,wear well,output data is accurate and reliable

6. Used multisaccate with integral type lifting plate,lifting sync performance is well,high lifting capacity,can with a third roller at the same time.

7. Air cell,windpipe and solenoid gas circuit control system all use civil well-known brand name,high-reliability,longer life.

8. Used new type roller demarcate type,exact match new GBGB/T 135642005require,easy to operate, bolt, debugging and leveled  is very easy.

Main Technical Parameter

Item                    GYFZ-3             GYFZ-10        GYFZ-13         GYFZ-16

Allowed max load (kg)      3000            10000           13000           16000

Test range               0~9000N          0~30000N        0~39000N        0~48000N

Roller diameter×length   ф245*900mm      ф245*1100mm   ф245*1100mm     ф245*1200mm

Inside width×outer width   700*2500mm           800*3000mm         800*3000mm          800*3200mm

Roller centre distance     425mm            460mm           460mm          485mm

Height difference (Roller)    30mm           30mm             30mm           30mm

Line speed of roller         2.49km/h         2.49km/h          2.49km/h         2.49km/h

Motor power                  2*4kw           2*11kw           2*11kw           2*15kw

Rated output rev           54 r.p.m          54 r.p.m           54 r.p.m          54 r.p.m

Max torque output             3950N.m        5510 N.m          6210 N.m          7930N.m

Net weight                   1300kg          1600kg           1800kg             2200kg

Outside size          2900*880*400mm   4000*895*400mm  4000*895*400mm   4200*1000*400mm

Foundation size        3000*980*420mm  4100*1000*405mm  4100*1000*405mm   4300*1100*405mm