GYWB(B)-2 non-contact dynamic locator

GYWB(B)-2 non-contact dynamic locator

Product Details


The non-contact dynamic four-wheel aligner adopts the non-contact German visicon laser measuring system, and the line laser irradiation imaging processing technology has the characteristics of high measurement precision, small repeatability error and stable operation.  Two sets of sensor devices and wheelbase adjustment devices are used less than the non-contact four-wheel aligner, and the vehicle is centered by the aligner .

Non-contact dynamic locator vehicle aligner

1. Measurement and adjustment item

Automatic dynamic wheel alignment is suitable for measuring the camber, front toe, total front toe during wheel rolling and adjusting the front toe conveniently.

2. Equipment precision and measuring range

Front toe measuring range: ±10°,test precision ≤±6′,repeatedly precision≤±6′,minimum resolution 0.01°;

Camber measuring range±10°,test precision ≤±6′,repeatedly precision ≤±6′, minimum resolution 0.01°;

Dynamic measuring precision: test precision ≤±12′,repeatedly precision ≤±12′,minimum resolution 0.04°

3. Functions:

1) All measuring item could be set as required and sampling inspection item manually.

2) Automatically complete the collection, analysis and display of test data, and can download, upload, query and save the data;

3) The Man-machine interface is mainly composed of vehicle identification interface, pit adjustment working interface, vehicle interface and maintenance interface.

4) The pit operator is equipped with a display device to facilitate the detection and adjustment

5) Using Windows 7 or above operating system, the system has a self-check function that can detect and prompt the device's failure in time.

6) There are lighting devices in the pit, the illuminance of the operator's adjustment position is no less than 350 Lux, and the maintenance illuminance in the trench is no less than 350 Lux;

The height of the operating platform in the pit needs to meet human-machine requirements