GYCS car speed test bench

GYCS car speed test bench

Product Details

Main feature

1. The bench is designed general frame welded type, high strength, firm and the contour elegant appearance.

2. The bench fitted velocity-measuring system is import-element( Japan OMROM),ensure the date precise and reliable.

3. The main roller surface all use rose work, attachment coefficient is good and environment protecting without pollution.

4. Lifting system used many sir sac single bridge whole direct lifting, capability is good and good synchronism.

5. Air cell, windpipe and solenoid gas circuit control system all use civil well-known brand name, high-reliability, longer life.

6. Install a wheel stop system, can effectively guard against front-wheel drive vehicle damage to the wheel when testing cause cross slip.

7. The bench surface used hyacinth bean-type tracery steel plate to wrapping, skid resistance and can show stereoscopic effect.

8. It does not have stone bolt, debugging and leveled is very easy.

Main technical parameter:

Item                       GYCS-3         GYCS-10          GYCS-13         GYCS-16

Rated max axle load mass      3000kg          10000kg            13000kg         16000kg

Roller diameter×Length      ф190*900mm     ф190*1100mm      ф190*1100mm     ф190*1200mm

Inner width×Outer width   700*2500mm      700*2900mm         700*2900mm      700*3100mm

Roller centre distance      430mm            430mm              430mm           430mm

Max test speed            120km/h          120km/h             120km/h         120km/h

Net weight                  900kg           1200kg              1400kg          1700kg

Outside size of bench    2800*750*350mm  3400*750*350mm      3400*750*350mm   3600*750*350mm

Foundation size          2900*850*370mm    3500*850*370mm     3500*850*370mm  3700*850*370mm