GYCH car side slip test bench

GYCH car side slip test bench

Product Details



1. The bench is designed general frame welded type,high strength,firm and the contour elegant appearance.

2. It was used famous brand(fuxin electronic logging)direct current multi range displacement sensors,high degree of accuracy,can be used a long time,good stability,wear well,output date accurate and reliable.

3. Used new model connecting bar institution,made double plare linkage,and it is completely in accord with GB.

4. Used width plate lengthen sliding plate,and can extend it applications.

5. No bolt,debugging and leveled  is very easy.

Technical parameter:

Model                                                  GYCH-3                   GYCH-10                  GYCH-13               GYCH-16

Rated Load weight                             3000kg                    10000kg                   13000kg               16000kg

Bench length×width                     900*500mm          1100*1000mm     1100*1000mm     1200*1000mm

Inner width×Outside width         700*2500mm         700*2900mm         700*2900mm     700*3100mm

Net weight                                            800kg                       1100kg                     1200kg                 1500kg

Outside size                             2800*606*180mm   3200*1106*180mm 3200*1106*180mm  3400*1106*180mm

Foundation size          2900*700*200mm   3300*1200*200m 3300*1200*200mm  3500*1200*200mm